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The Snowboard Szine Vol. 1, Issue 47


In This Issue

1. Snowboard East & Movie Diary from Lauren

2. Join USASA - Discount Deadline Oct. 31

3. Snowboard/Tattoo Art Book

4a.Connecticut and Westchester County, NY Meetup
4b. Connecticut Snow Flick Premiere Nov. 9

5. needs interns!

6. TRASH ATTACK! Snowboard Movie

1. Snowboard East & Movie Diary from Lauren

Hello again, Dear Readers.

The leaves are turning yellow but still on the trees here. We'll be back on the slopes soon. Now it's snowboard movie season, and you can read about a couple of East Coast snowboard movie events below.

BTW, if you think we focus too much on the East Coast here, well, I can't help it. This is where I live! No offense meant! I know 38% of my readers are from California. Why don't you westies write some more articles for the site and help balance things out! Lets hear from Canada too where 8% of our readers live in the Great North Country.

Speaking of movies, I saw Scorcese's "The Departed" last night which takes place in Boston. The movie started out brilliantly strong. By the end it was about 45 minutes too long and over the top, and couldn't hold that level of brilliance. But seeing the array of star power on the screen was stunning: Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Jack Nicholson had the big roles, supported by Martin Sheen, Alec Baldwin, and my fave, Mark Wahlberg.

I'm originally from Boston, and the Boston accents were pretty good here. Of course Damon and Marky Mark are locals anyway, but Martin Sheen did a credible job on his accent too. Jack Nicholson just did his "Jack Nicholson" thing and didn't even try to do the Boston accent.

There were plenty of one line verbal zingers like they throw around in my hometown, and they made me LOL. I think the NY audience missed a lot of them.

2. Join USASA - Discount Deadline Oct. 31

A reader named Mike wrote to me that he wants to try snowboardcross, or boardercross and doesn't know where to get a chance to do that. I wrote back that USASA, the world's largest grass roots snowboard association, is the only place I know where amateur riders can have the chance to try it out. (See the full answer here and other Q and A too.)

In USASA, beginner, intermediate and expert riders, ages 4 to 74, compete in 32 separate divisions in their regional series to earn a chance to participate in the USASA National Championship, where they will vie for 840 medals. In addition, more than $15,000 in scholarships funds are awarded by the USASA to National Championship participants each year at Nationals.

I competed in USASA last season, in the Catskill Mountain series. It was a blast! And believe me, you don't have to be that good to compete! All are welcome. The events available to compete in are halfpipe, boardercross, slalom (3 types), slopestyle, big air, and there are some skier events too, depending on where you ride. I met a lot of friendly people. Competing felt great! I hear the Nationals rock, and I hope to go sometime!

Want to be a top competitor some day? The athletes who swept the snowboarding events for the USA in the 2002 Winter Olympic all got their start in USASA!

USASA costs $70 year to join, but you can do it for $60 before October 31. Print out the application at

3. Snowboard/Tattoo Art Book

You may have seen the page on my site about the Woodstock Tattoo and Art Festival held in 2004 at

I have just gotten the book "Rides of Passage" that was made from that snowboard art festival that traveled worldwide, and it is amazing!

Each of the 117 Burton snowboards decorated by the world's top tattoo artists and graffiti artists is pictured in beautiful color on glossy paper. The book is even snowboard shaped, at 7" by 12 " and feels good to hold.

If you like snowboards, tattoos, and/or art, this is a book you must see! Needless to say it's a super gift. Why not stash some away some for holidays presents while your wallet still has some dosh in it!

See some of the fantastic snowboard art, and buy it here:


There were 100,000 snowboard wrist injuries last year.
Wrist injuries are painful and expensive.

Want to reduce your risk of snowboard wrist injuries to you
and your loved ones?

The only snowboard wrist protection designed by a doctor,
who is an expert in snowboard trauma injuries.

Wrist Protector Gloves and Guards -

I sell this product because I believe in it.
You'll be helping to support the Snowboard Szine with your purchase.

4a. Connecticut and Westchester County, NY Meetup
4b. Connecticut Snow Flick Premiere Nov. 9

If you live around here, join the Snowboard Meetup group that we've started online so you can find out about local snowboard events and come to events with us.
We're showing "Trash Attack" Thursday (tmw) in Stamford. Read all about Trash Attack below.

If you don't live around here, there are snowboard meetup groups all across the country too, including a big active group in NY City. You can click the link above to find them.

4b. Connecticut Snow Flick Premiere Nov. 9
Snowboard/Ski Flick - TGR's Anomaly in Connecticut

TGR's latest extreme ski and snowboard flick "Anomaly" is premiering in Fairfield, CT Nov. 9, put on by (That's us!) Advance ticket discounted, and lift ticket coupons come with purchase. Prizes raffled. Fun! Check out the detes at

5. needs interns!

Get experience in your field and maybe school credit while working on a website with over 50,000 page views per month.

Needed: Interns with at least one of the following:
MS Front Page and intermediate HTML skills
Basic photo layout skills
Graphic design skills

Is your talent elsewhere that we might be able to use?
Contact us! Press "reply" or write

6. TRASH ATTACK! Snowboard Movie
This is a grass roots movie, made with love, of LOTS of East Coast riders doing there "thaing." Here's what the producer of "TRASH ATTACK!" Alexis de Tarade, says about his movie.

"The movie was born outta of the depths of the EAST COAST and run rampant all over the mountains of the US this past 06-07 season. With much of the cast just outta high school, for many of the these riders it's their first production.

Some of the riders like Yale Cousino, Chris Rotax, Sky Gale, Tom Weiss, and Maxwell Scott have gained a reputation through their contest performances, but now you get to see them doing what they love best - rippin the mountain with the crew and rail sessions in the streets.

These high energy graphics, vicious edits, and bangin beats will have u feelin like your watchin a 45 minute commercial for RedBulll on RAP. Pretty much the best thing to come outta the EAST this season to get the kids amped about their local hills that might be covered in ice instead of fluff.

These East Coast riders will be the ones making the noise out west and beyond soon (if they haven't moved out there already) but this film will always be a reminder of where they came from. The footage may not have been captured out of a helicopter up in Alaska, but these guys definitely know how to ride dirty, EAST COAST style."

If you want to buy a copy, drop me an email. ==========================================
See who's sponsored - at the Who's Who of Snowboarding so keep an eye there and check before you go.

Thanks for reading The Snowboard Szine!

Editor and Creator of

Westchester County, NY


"Let's Ride!"






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