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Tailbone Protection for Snowboarders

AZZPADZ is the self-preservation creation of Jason Schuler and Neil James; azz-impact survivors!

"I won't ride without my Azzpadz tailbone protector.

Here's how my Azzpadz look under my snowpants:

I have tried others, and chosen Azzpadz. I've been wearing them for YEARS - EVERY day I ride.

They have saved my "azz" innumerable times already, offering the tailbone protection I need.  Snowboard tailbone injuries are painful and slow-healing and I want to avoid them.  And unlike 'impact shorts'  Azzpadz can be put on or taken off with your boots on. If you want to progress as a snowboarder, you'll be trying new things, and taking a fall now and then. End of story."  

-- Lauren, Editor,  

   "We learned to snowboard with a group of 8 friends during a 2 day trip. Five of us were in dire need of snowboard tailbone protection while the other 3 would come to join our group as the season progressed. We were advised to wear old hockey pants or stuff a pillow down the backs of our pants for snowboarding tailbone or coccyx protection. Snowboarding can be very unforgiving to beginners, but it doesn't have to be that way.

 Jay and I thought, "this is ridiculous", so we looked around for suitable snowboard tailbone protection and found nothing! Further searches via the Internet provided us with several companies in the U.S. marketing "tailbone protection pants", all of which offered "foam only" snowboarding tailbone protectors. Neither one of us thought that foam alone would offer complete tailbone protection for snowboarding. This reasoning lead us to incorporate a flexible plastic shell into the AZZPAD. The 8 of us are still boarding, still falling and of course, fully tailbone protected!"

-- Neil James, partner, Azzpadz

Description of Azzpadz        

Azzpadz are constructed with a hard plastic shell on the outside that you can make a "knock knock" sound with using your knuckles, like knocking on a door. They are lined with soft but sturdy foam on the inside. This is a SUPER shock absorbing combination for comfort and safety!

How are you protecting your wrists for snowboarding, skating, and more? See below!

Impact Dispersion Zone

Flexible plastic shell disperses the force of an impact
Designed to form to the contours of the buttocks

Adjustable Harness

Fully adjustable waist strap & elasticized Velcro leg bands
Custom fit for ultimate comfort and mobility

Tri-Foam Cushion

Graduated lightweight foam protection: 3 layers
Weight: 8 ounces

Fit & Look

Anatomic design: fits under snow pants
Ease of use: strap on design eliminates need to remove snow pants
Available in 3 sizes:

med. 26-32", lrg. 32-38", xlg. 38-44"+

To Choose your Size:
Get out your tape measure to figure your size, unless you are very big or small. Sizes shown above are men's pant sizes, and women's pant sizes. 

If you can't decide between 2 sizes, use your height and frame size as deciding factors. Example: if you're smaller than average, go with the smaller size.    

$56.00 plus $6 shipping and handling to US.
To send to other countries:
please use the cost chart here as if for "wrist guard."
Then use the "Special Services" button on the order form to add the extra shipping to your country.

How are you protecting your wrists for snowboarding, skating, and more? See below.

2 Sizes of Azzpadz are available, Medium and Large.
XL has been discontinued.
Please order Medium or Large.

Azzpadz are in stock NOW!

Tel # if questions on your order:

FedEx (USA only)

FedEx 2nd Day Service - to U.S. addresses only - $12 additional

  Please email first to see if FedEx 2nd day is available.
Order arrives 2nd weekday day from shipping day, not order day                        (E.g. shipped Tues. = arrival Thurs.)


How are you protecting your wrists for snowboarding, skating, and more?

Flexmeter Wrist Guards and Gloves were designed by a doctor for snowboarders, to help prevent the common wrist injuries associated with snowboarding. You can add them to your order right now!

Also available to order for snowboarders right here:
Transpack Snowboard Boot & Board Bags, "Momentous Occasions DVD" from Sunday River, Maine, and "Rides of Passage", the "snowboards with tattoo art" book.

To find out more send an email to

"Let's Ride!"






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