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 The Snowboard Szine (say "zeen)
        Issue  #53  10/16/07

         In This Issue
1. PARTY ALERT - East Coast starting this FRIDAY
2. Getting in Shape for Snowboard Tricks
3. Flexmeter Price Increase Coming
4. Snowboard Museum Collection for Sale
5. Snowboard Trip for All Feb. 6 - 10 Colorado

Hello Readers,
We're back writing the Snowboard Szine for the new snow season. Party season is here, starting this Friday, see below.
Btw, I bought myself Heely's rolling shoes yesterday for my birthday (all models on sale at Dick's Sporting Goods for $39.99). I'm wearing them now. Will let you know how the learning curve goes! Will wear protection! Lauren

1. PARTY ALERT- East Coast starting this Friday

(Details and sign-up for the worldwide snowboard permanent party email list at
The Snowboard Video Premiere Party Season is upon us. And WE are giving 3 premieres of new East Coast-centric film "Blurred" made by young NJ/VT film maker Tom Vayianos and starring the most dynamic duo of Vermont, Yale Cousino and Chris Rotax.
Don't miss these film premiere parties!
Oct. 19 in New Paltz, NY at Cabaloosa's
Oct. 25 in NYC / Tribeca at club M1-5 (featuring a fashion show and athletes from the film)
Nov. 2 at Eastern Boarder on the Natick/Framingham line in MA
We interviewed Tom last winter here
The has 17 Fall events listed already. Check it regularly so you know what's happening for snowboarders.
2. Getting in Shape for Snowboard Tricks
It's not a moment too soon to start getting your legs, balance, and coordination in shape for snowboarding, and snowboard tricks. Balance is a key component for snowboarders to be able to ride rails and to keep the snowboard on edge. And we have what you need.
These exercises are shown in short video clips demonstrated by Stephen Colgate and filmed by Jean Sapula who are both AASI Level 2 snowboard instructors, and that means they know their stuff.
For more "get in shape" vids and words by Jean Sapula, click here:
video clips
and here for article
3. Flexmeter Price Increase Coming
We are the US distributor for Flexmeter, the only snowboard and skate wrist guard on the market designed by a doctor* and proven to reduce wrist injuries. There were 100,000 snowboard wrist injuries last year. Wrist guards reduce wrist injuries. I sell this product because I believe in it and I wear my Flexmeter gloves EVERY time I ride. The gloves are so comfortable and warm that I even wear them to the rail jams after the riding day is done.
The strength of the Euro against the Dollar necessitates a price increase on Flexmeter wrist guards and gloves on January 1. So order yours now. Wrist guards start at $59 plus shipping and can be shipped almost anywhere. Flexmeters make a great holiday or birthday gift for the snowboarder in your life.
Flexmeters are also used for biking, horseback riding, mountain boarding, ice skating, roller derby, and more.
While you're planning your protection for the season, note that we now distribute Azzpadz Tailbone Protector too. Azzpadz are light, comfortable, and so protective that you can make a "knock knock" sound with your fist on the outer plastic shell. I wear these every time I ride also and have for years.
Azzpadz are a MUST if you are a snowboarder over 30 or anyone who wants to help protect the alignment of your spine and protect against painful and slow-healing bruises to the coccyx.
If you bruise your coccyx, you won't sit down comfortably for a month or more, and who knows when you'll feel like snowboarding again?

* Read our interview with Dr. Marc-Herve Binet, inventor of Flexmeter, here

4. Snowboard Museum Collection for Sale

Call out to all snowboard collectors and snowboard historians. Neil Korn, founder and editor of East Coast Snowboarding is selling off one of snowboarding's most extensive memorabilia collections.

Option #1
The collection is for sale to one person or company at $15,000 US dollars or best offer

Option #2
The collection is opened up to the public for viewing and sale. Sale location and time TBD

The collection includes:
Burton Craig Kelly Mystery Air
Burton Woody
Burton Jeff Brushie fish graphics (his first pro model) *signed*
Todd Richards dinosaur graphics (Todd told me he doesn't even have one himself)
And many more boards
Hundreds of old snowboarding magazines
Manufacture catalogs
Competition and event posters
Almost every Eastern Edge and East Coast Snowboarding magazines ever printed
Display fixtures
Framed photos
One of a kind newspaper clippings and party invitations
Old tee-shirts
Hundreds of stickers
Plus so much more, in many, many boxes

Contact for more information.

5. Snowboard Trip for All Feb. 6 - 10 Colorado
Want to come to Colorado with us? is running the First Ever All America Snowboard Trip, to Winter Park. Now you can plan your great snowboard vacation even if you're friends aren't available to go. We do it all for you.
I am working with an experienced trip planner, and we're both mad snowboarders, so this will be a great time!
This trip is for all ages and all levels of snowboarders, from first timer, to all the time. 18 and over or accompanied by an adult.
Winter Park has a top ten terrain park as named by 2 national magazines. Also one of the best superpipes in the nation. And a beginner terrain park. Sign up now...28 spaces left.

See who's sponsored - at the Who's Who of Snowboarding so keep an eye there and check before you go.
Thanks for reading The Snowboard Szine!

Editor and Creator of (soon!)

Westchester County, NY
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