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  The Snowboard Szine (say "zeen)
        Issue #54 12/13/07

         In This Issue
1.  Go Out Riding NOW!!!
2. I Was Teased Online for Being Safety Conscious
3. Winter Park, Colorado. Feb 6 - 10 Snowboard Trip. Join Us!
4. Dec.15 Big Rail Jam Quali at Mountain Creek, NJ
5. Burton Encourages Poaching the 4 All-Ski Mountains

1. Go Out Riding NOW!!!
Have you been out riding yet? I've been out twice this season, and dude, it's been great!! I rode Sugarbush in VT with Yale Cousino of rail riding fame, and his crew, and after they had enough, I had a breathtaking late afternoon run where I was the only person on the mountain. I made a turn on a lonely winding trail, and a sunlit valley below appeared. A millionaire's experience that didn't cost me any extra!
Just choose a weekday off-peak and you can have the million dollar experience of a mountain nearly to yourself too.
I went out riding last Wed. with the NYC Snowboard Meetup group, whose fearless leader organized a trip to Windham Mountain in the Catskills. We all ditched work and rode the wondrous winterous white stuff.
Windham is cranking out more snow than ever this season, and has a new sushi bar and organic juice bar open on weekends now as well as a waffle hut to keep you going without missing a beat. More about Windham at
I can't emphasize enough the joys of early winter riding. In the eastern US the season is in full swing.
Check out for a snowboarding group, to find new friends to ride with, or a group to appeal to any of your other interests.
2.  I Was Teased Online for Being Safety Conscious
Hey, have you been made fun of lately?
I just got mocked, derided, and roasted in a blog online, because I believe in trying not to hurt myself, when I snowboard. Mattbunk rants his razz in the "Gripped" extreme sports column of the East Valley Tribune from Phoenix
This is the first time in the 3.5 years that I've been wearing, recommending and selling Flexmeter Snowboard and Skate Wrist Guards and Gloves, and Azzpadz that someone has really razzed me. The writer is an old-school skateboarder/snowboarder, who has the exact attitude I describe in my article "You Don't Have to Hurt Yourself to Snowboard" which you can read at
Anyway, long story short, I summoned up my "adult attitude" and good-naturedly razzed him back as a comment on his blog, and now we're buddies, and he says in his next blog that he's even going to come on the snowboard trip I'm having for the public, The First Ever All American Snowboard Trip.
You can come on this trip too. Read on.
3. Winter Park, Colorado. Feb 6 - 10 Snowboard Trip. Join Us!
The First Ever All American Snowboard Trip.
The trip is for snowboarders and people who want to snowboard. All ages, shapes and sizes. Families welcome. Even skiers can come. We just brought Iceberg Vodka onboard as a sponsor of our happy hours. We are open to having more sponsors, if you have any ideas.
The trip is a ground package only, so you can use your airline points, or even sign up to come over and join us if you live driving distance away. Airfares aren't getting any cheaper, so if you're thinking of coming, get on this, sign up, and get your transpo set. Questions? Hit reply and write to me.
More here
4. This Sat., Dec.15, Big Rail Jam Quali at Mountain Creek, NJ
Mountain Creek in Vernon, NJ, is now officially "The Snowboarders Mountain" in my book since they dedicated a whole base area and mountain to intermediate and advanced snowboarders and to the "largest Terrain Park in the East" as they put it.
Qualifiers for the biggest snowboard event in NYC, The Union Square Street Sessions, will be held at Mountain Creek, Vernon, NJ this Sat., December 15 at 7pm. Then the party rages on 'til 3 a.m. It all happens at the Mountain Creek South base area.
The crowd at Creek is devilishly stylish, so grab your bandana and touk and get your snazz on. Event details at
Mark you calendars for Thursday, Feb. 7 when The Union Square Street Sessions will go down in the NYC.
We've written a lot about Mountain Creek because we always have so much fun there.
Keep up with what's happening in snowboard events at the easy-to read Almost 200 events in the East posted so far.
California Events at
Want to reduce the risk of snowboard wrist injuries to you
and your loved ones? Flexmeters!

Wrist Protector Gloves and Guards -
(Buy now before the January price increase.)
Protect your tailbone too.

I sell these products because I wear them every time I ride, and I believe in them.

5. Burton Encourages Poaching the 4 All-Ski Mountains
Burton is offering a $5000 reward for the best video of snowboarders poaching the 4 skier- only mountains in the US. There is a fun film with music, of poachers "doing tha thang" posted on their site and on YouTube.
Make no mistake, this particular film was not made and submitted by amateurs. Burton riders Luke Mitrani, Keegan Valaika, and Yale Cousino poach Mad River Glen in VT. Jeremy Jones of Utah stars in another seg. Check it out, the whole concept is causing quite a ruckus in the media and was written up in the Boston Globe.
Frankly, why would I want to ride somewhere I'm not wanted when 99% of resorts are courting my business?
Here's the YouTube link, the one on the Burton page was not working well for me when I tried.
Thanks for reading The Snowboard Szine!

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