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The Snowboard Szine Vol. 1, Issue 2


In This Issue


2. HighRollerz! - Mutty brings Competition Series with Prize Money to East

3. Women's Snowboard / Yoga Retreat with
Olympian Barrett Christy in Vail

4. Snowboard Events Calendar

5. Snowboard News from USSA
Dear Readers,
The snow season is getting off to a slow start here in the Northeastern US. Some mountains opened, then had to close due to warm weather. But it's COLD now and we should be going strong soon!


I just had custom foot beds made for my boots. They're supposed to do awesome things for comfort and performance. Will try them out at Killington this weekend and let you know!

In this issue, snowboarders on MTV THIS WEEKEND, new HighRollerz Competition and interview with Mutty, Women's camp in Vail, Biggest Snowboard Events Calendar, and news of our Olympic Snowboard Team.

BTW, if you signed up for this newsletter recently and DID NOT get your free "16 Secrets for Successful Snowboarding" please hit reply and let me know. Sorry about the little glitch.


See Pro-Boarders Shaun White, Hannah Teter, Todd Richards and more as they get OFF the snow and try their hands (feet?) at surfing and skating. 3 Way Threat premieres Friday, Dec 5th at 9 pm (ET/PT) on MTV.

You'll learn real quick that protective gear isn't just for nerds when MTV Sports 3-Way Threat blasts through your TV set. Three teams consisting of pro surfers, skaters, and snowboarders who are great in at least one of the sports--and willing to try the other two--go toe-to-toe for big bucks and big respect. It's a crash course in crash gear as these pros compete in their strength sports in addition to games they have to learn on the fly.

The same show will be shown:
Friday, Dec. 5 9:00 PM
Sunday, Dec. 7 11:00 PM
Monday, Dec. 8 12:00 PM
Wed., Dec. 10 12:00 AM MTV Sports: 3 Way Threat 53 MTV
Wed, Dec. 10 9:00 PM

(Check MTV's site for other dates. Their site is not sweet to navigate. It's a pain. TV snowboard shows like this will be listed on our Snowboard Events Calendar at when there's more lead time. If you read about a snowboard event that will be televised, drop us an email to make sure we know and tell our readers about it. Lauren)

2. HighRollerz! - Massachusetts Snowboarder/Entrepreneur Andrew Mutty brings Competition Series with Prize Money to East

(Read the whole article at
Here's the quick read.)

Andrew Mutty, 24, has appeared in many snowboarding movies and snowboarding magazines as a pro-rider and is well known in the industry. Here are our recent questions and his answers.
Lauren, 12/3/03

Q. Mutty, give us your snowboarding bio in a nutshell.

A. 14 years on hill since Ď89, to present. Thatís the first time I ever rode. Never got serious until a couple of years into it. Learned mostly at Sunday River and Waterville (early years). Moved to Killington. Rode on the team for 3 years and gave up, moved to NH where I am today. I snowboard for Dynastar; Mission Six, Concepts, Smuttynose Beer.

Q. What's special about High Rollerz?

A. High Rollerz is going to make the events list of every kid in New England this year. Thatís whatís so special about it! Its self-explanatory; High Rollerz is going to carry itself. Itís a void in the East's snowboard scene that is going to be filled. "We don't have anything out here like this. We used to, back when I was growing up. There is a lot of need for this."

HighRollerz is a 5-stop tour of New England that concludes with the finals March 6 at Waterville Valley, NH. HighRollerz makes stops on December 13 at Sunday River, ME, January 4 at Ragged Mtn, NH, and February 21 Blue Hills, MA. (Bookmark the Events Calendar at to remind yourself)

The combo format is Big Air and Rail. Riders will each have two runs where they will first hit the big air then proceed to the rail setup, which will consist of a kinked and a flat rail. The top five qualifiers from each division will advance to the final jam. The riders with the most points in the men's and women's open division will win a wildcard to the US Open Slopestyle snowboarding event, taking place in March 2004, in Stratton VT.

"It's one of a kind, there's nothing like it," says Mutty. "Thanks to everyone whoís helped out in making HighRollerz what it is today. Sponsorís, mountains, individual volunteers and anyone not

To see this full article, go to
Registration and more at

3. Women's Snowboard / Yoga Retreat with Olympian Barrett Christy in Vail

This sounds too good for words. Famed pro-rider Barrett Christy is offering
a snowboard and yoga retreat for women.

"Perfect for women who want to improve their riding while reviving the spirit
at Vail, in the heart of the Rockies. Combining the best snowboard coaching with
restorative and strengthening yoga, ReTreat Yourself promises to be both
physically inspiring and mentally rejuvenating."

The combination of yoga with riding is supposed to lessen the risk of injury, quicken recovery time and improve performance in sports. (Lauren says) I believe this because I do yoga every week to keep myself in riding shape.

Barrett Christy has won more X-Games medals than any other athlete in the history of the Winter X Games, competed in the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan as a member of the first US Olympic Snowboard team and was named Female Rider of the Year by Transworld Snowboarding magazine in 2001.

4 days of professional coaching, yoga twice a day. From Jan. 4 through 8.

If you're interested in going, we can try to arrange shared hotel rooms among the readers of the Snowboard Szine Newsletter. Sorry, female only (; Just hit "reply" and write me.

4. Snowboard Events Calendar

Our Snowboard Events Calendar is the biggest one in the Northeastern US.
We have over 90 events listed so far, from December through May!
Go to
or hit the button that says "Events" on our homepage at
Watch for updates - the calendar is getting bigger each week!
We're listing televised snowboard events for those couch potato days, too.

5. Snowboard News from USSA

USSA is The US Ski and Snowboard Association - the national governing body for Olympic skiing and snowboarding. The vision of USSA is to make the United States of America the best in the world in Olympic skiing and snowboarding in 2006. Read news of our Olympic Snowboarders at

Coming Soon -

* Tuning Manual

* Don't cover up the serial number on your boards with stickers. We'll tell you why in a later issue!

Thanks for reading The Snowboard Szine!



"Let's Ride!"






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