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The Snowboard Szine Vol. 1, Issue 4



In This Issue


1. Snowboarding Notes from Lauren

2. Powder Day and Mountain Dew Vertical Challenge at Hunter Mountain, NY Last Week

3. Tricia Byrnes Camp at Stratton, VT Dec. 22

4. Ross Powers Camp at Belleayre, NY Jan. 31

5. Azzpads

6. Getting in Shape for Snowboarding

7. Snowboard Events Calendar


1. Snowboarding Notes from Lauren

The Szineís a little long this week, but I had a lot to say. You can read it slowly. Iíll slack next week and spend my energy eating, drinking, and making merry. Hope you are 2!

I hear that Christmas Day is pretty uncrowded on the slopes. Probably the only time in the next few weeks.


Jan. 4, Iím off to Barrett Christyís Snowboard and Yoga ReTreat for Women in Vail, Colorado. She is one of the most winning riders in history, having been named TW Snowboarding's Female Rider of the Year in 2001, competed in the Nagano Olympics, won more X-Games medals than any other athlete in the history of the Winter X Games, and more.

I practice yoga weekly to keep the strength and stamina I need to ride long and hard. And I recommend it to you who want to stay strong and flexible. This camp should be great! More at


Remember that Gear Checklist on my site that I mentioned? Hey, yíknow what happens if you forget to add your new equipment to your gear checklist?

Thatís right, I went riding in a blizzard and forgot to bring my new balaclava (face mask). Sure wouldíve been handy at Hunter on Sat.

OK, ďbalaclavaĒ has now been added to the list.

Print out a copy at


The bottom line on my Camelback hydration backpack is, when itís in the 20ís with wind, Iíll wear my backpack under my coat to keep it from freezing. Otherwise, I'm just sucking on ice in the mouthpiece.


2. Epic Powder Day at Hunter Last Sunday and

Mountain Dew Vertical Challenge

I went up to Hunter Mountain, NY right before the blizzard to compete. The blizzard hit while I was there. This was powder I could understand, a few inches over a base of hardpack. Smooth slippy stuff, not the thick mashed potatoes I encountered and fought thru last week.

Riding was much easier. I like to think it's partly because my thighs are getting stronger since my first sessions last week. I am riding low with my knees deeply bent.


Mountain Dew Vertical Challenge

I competed in the Mountain Dew Vertical Challenge at Hunter on Sunday. It's a slalom race, divided by age category and sex, and entered mostly by skiers. In fact, ridiculously few snowboarders enter, which gives YOU a better chance of winning. It's free and a lot of fun.

The first 100 entrants receive shirts, and at the award ceremony a lot of great prizes are raffled off. Winners get medals. Last year when I entered I had never run gates before, and I found I liked it and it's opened up a whole new area of riding to me. And yes, on Sunday I qualified for the finals at Loon NH in March.

Find out when the Mountain Dew Vertical Challenge will be near you at

my Snowboard Events Calendar.

More on the Mountain Dew Vertical Challenge


3. Tricia Byrnes Snowboard Camp at Stratton Dec. 22

Sorry for the short notice. Two-time World Champion and 2002 Olympian Tricia Byrnes and her buds Olympic Gold Medallists Kelly Clark AND Ross Powers come home to Stratton Mountain to host a two-day snowboard camp for intermediate and advanced riders of all ages.

The camp includes two days of fast paced riding and training with tips on getting ready for competition at every level. Plus, there's a party, giveaways and pro autograph session. Camp is $299 including lift tickets.

Check it out at

Call 1-800-STRATTON for reservations, and tell them you saw it in the Szine. Thanks!


Ross Powers is running a camp at Stratton too, in March '04. More at


4. Ross Powers Snowboard Camp at Belleayre, NY Jan. 31

Can you believe Olympic gold medalist Ross Powers is running a weekend snowboard camp close to NY City, at Belleayre, in the Catskills January 31 and February 1?

The camp will run for two days; from Sat. January 31 to Sun. February 1, 2004. It's an all mountain, free-riding and free-style camp. Instruction will take place in the park and halfpipe as well as on the steeps, bumps and jumps. There will be four separate sessions over the two days, offering campers the opportunity to work on a variety of skills or focus on one area. The camp is set up for Beginners to Expert riders with plenty of opportunities to develop new techniques or hone your skills.

RadXSports will be there videotaping for the February TV show that airs locally on Time Warner's Cable 6. You'll have plenty of chances to get your picture taken with Ross Powers on the mountain, in the lodge and at the parties.

More information is available online at

You can register online, through the mail (request the form through email to ) or at Belleayre Mountain. Total tuition is $375 and includes lift tickets, lunches, parties, gifts and prizes.

Tell them you saw it in the Szine. Thanks!

Not sure what to give or get for a holiday gift? This camp would be a SUPER gift!



I tried out my new AZZPADS butt protection at Windham last week. This pad has a flexible plastic shell over the foam to really protect your tailbone. Tailbone bruises are a BAD thing. They hurt for a long time and will keep you off the snow.

I donít fall much anymore on the slopes, but it can and does happen. Snow resorts can be dangerous places. I fall more when Iím not riding lately than when Iím strapped on. Iíve fallen near a lift line on powder covered ice, and in the parking lot this season. But of course I was wearing padding on my butt, so no injuries!

Iím thinking of just wearing padding all winter outside at home too! And you can bet I'll DEFinitely be rocking my AZZPADS when I start working on rails! Check them out at

t's best to call them toll free -866 299 -7239 -if you want to order. (They're in Ontario, Canada, on Eastern Standard Time.)

The owners Neil and Jason are friendly snowboarder guys who want to make sure you order the right size. Tell them you heard about AZZPADS here from Lauren at Thanks


6. Getting in Shape for Snowboarding

There's still time to get in shape. Read the whole article by our knowledgeable friend, Jean Sapula at

Here's a little nibble for now.


Getting in Shape to Have a GREAT Season on Snow

Q: "I've been running and hiking all summer; what else should I be doing to get in shape for snowboarding season?"


1. Squats (for strength and stamina when you ride low with bent knees)

(note from Lauren; ďif I only had time for one exercise, squats are the ones I would do!Ē)

2. Lunges

3. Push ups

4. Triceps Dips (for getting up off the snow)

5. Aerobic Conditioning

6. Flexibility Training

(read the whole article at to see details on these exercises.)

Balance is very important, and contrary to popular can practice to improve your balance. Try this easy exercise...

(see article at

Always perform a proper warm up and cool down, incorporating stretches into that routine.

These excerpts are from an article was written for by Jean Sapula, a Level II Snowboard Instructor at Ski Sundown in New Hartford, CT, who has been teaching snowboarding for eight years and also has the following qualifications:

M.Ed. (Masters in Education), ATC (Athletic Trainer Certified), CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist), Certified Athletic Trainer, and Strength and Conditioning Specialist for HealthSouth Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine.

See Jeanís whole article at


7. Snowboard Events Calendar

Our Snowboard Events Calendar has over 130 events on it now from over 30 mountains, from Maine down to Pennsylvania. TV events too, like the Chevy Truck US Snowboard Grand Prix Dec. 27. Check for events near you at


Thatís it for now!
Thanks for reading The Snowboard Szine!



"Let's Ride!"






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