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The Snowboard Szine Vol. 1, Issue 18



In This Issue

1. Finals - Liberty Rail Jam Tonite - Philadelphia

2. Enigma of Life

3. How to Get What You Want for your Holiday Gifts.

4. Need to Buy Holiday Gifts? Great Ideas Here!


1. Finals Liberty Rail Jam Tonite - Philadelphia

This event put on by the sparkling new full service Liberty Boards boutique on 7th St in Philly started with an elimination round for amateur riders on Wed.

Thurs. was for pro-riders and qualifying amateurs, and tonite is the show-down.

Details on the schedule and after-party on the largest Snowboard Events Calendar at

(Lazy hint - also works if you're typing it in.) Liberty Boards 215 238-9162


2. Enigma of Life

Flipping through "LIFE" magazine, (now found in Sun. papers) on Dec. 3, the first picture inside was of the blue tattoo-ed guy The Enigma and his mate Katzen having breakfast.

I saw him playing guitar at the Woodstock Tattoo Festival in Sept. Also awesome snowboards

turned into art. See them all at

Just click on "Woodstock" from the articles list.


3. How to Get What You Want for your Holiday Gifts.

Easy. Pick it out and drop a hint. Make it easy for your family and friends to buy

you exactly what will please you.

A gift-giver's time and money are too valuable to be spent on the wrong items.

Visit and surf around until you find

some things you'd like. Then email the URLs to the people that want to buy you gifts. Easy for them and you. Everybody's happy! Don't delay! Gift ideas below


4. Need to Buy Holiday Gifts? Great Ideas Here!

Shop and Support our Sites painlessly.

Time is Flying. Do it Now.

Here's an Easy Way.

Shop in the SnowboardSecrets Mini-Mall.

When you go to

and then click to any company you will be painlessly supporting our

Snowboard Websites. Thanks.

Or just use links below.

Some gift ideas for yourself and others:

Boardflix -Board DVD's and Videos - Snowboard, Skateboard,

Wakeboard, Surf, Motocross, and more.

Incredible discounts on select snowboards. $399 board for $129! Lamar Chronic Snowboard 2003-04 - 155 cm. Lots more. has almost everything. Plus free shipping over $25 - 7 days left.

The Amazon ad at the bottom of the page at

lists several snowboard books.

Some others I like (with my comments) that you can get at Amazon:

The Illustrated Guide to Snowboarding by Kevin Ryan

I referred to this book repeatedly during my snowboard learning years. My snowboard bible!

Snowboarding by Effin Older

A compact basic book on snowboarding. Enjoyable extras are the sharp color photos, illustrated stretching /exercise routine, and emphasis on safety padding.

Snowboarding for Women: A Guide for the Betty Shred Wannabe

by Chickie Rosenberg

Even the most reluctant winter sports un-enthusiast won’t say "it's too cold" "I don't know how," "I'm too old" or "I'm afraid of heights" after reading this inspiring book.


Want to help avoid snowboard dings and dents

on yourself and your family this season?

Gloves - Flexmeter snowboard specific gloves were designed by an emergency room physician who tended to thousands of snowboarders broken wrists.

They are new and will have a write-up in the NY Times next week.

Protect your wrists - to keep snowboarding, AND being able to use your computer this season.

Azzpadz - I would not ride without these. Prevent black and blue butt and shockwaves

up your spine by letting the hard plastic shell and soft foam inner liner absorb your pain.

Also read "You Don't Have to Hurt Yourself to Snowboard" at

Written by me!


Thanks for reading The Snowboard Szine!

And shopping in the Mini-Mall at


Editor -


"Let's Ride!"






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