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The Snowboard Szine Vol. 1, Issue 20



In This Issue


2. Snowboard Diary from Lauren - Season Finally Begins!

3. Lauren in the Rocky Mtn. Times / NY Times /RSN and Flexmeter Snowboard Safety Gloves

4. Goals - What You Working On this Season?


1. BULLETIN; THE RAIL JAM IN CENTRAL PARK, NYC FOR TOMORROW HAS BEEN POSTPONED because it's raining today and there's not enough snow. The new date is next Saturday, Jan. 15. If the weather and snow are "iffy" call New York Pipe Dreams to check if it's on. 212 535-7473

If you're competing or going drop us a note. ==========================================

2. Snowboard Diary from Lauren - Season Finally Begins! Watch Out!

Snowboarding season is finally here. I was lucky and got out 4 days locally in the last 2 week. It was a zoo with lots of vacationing newbie snowboarder school kids on the slopes over vacation. One day 2 new riders bounced off me. Gee I wish people would take lessons and ride within their abilities so they don't hurt themselves and strangers.

It's no joke; I have read about 4 snowboard DEATHS this season, all young people. Some hit trees, one suffocated in a tree well - a horrifying way to go.

Do you know what a "tree well" is and how to avoid one or survive one?

Read here for a first hand encounter

and here for advice on tree wells from a Ph.D./Ski Patroller

One of my readers was crashed into on the slopes by a rider and had to be taken down the hill on a stretcher. She has 2 painful broken ribs and more. Read Shannon's account of her accident and warning advice here.

(Get well soon, Shannon!)

Know how to control your board or take lessons until you do. Riding a slippery board with knife sharp edges out of control is the same as driving drunk, and is a legally prosecutable offense too. Snowboarding is NOT about bombing straight down the hill at high speed out of control. Friends don't let friends ride their boards like maniacs, right?

Now that I've finished my safety rant, it was still GREAT to ride again and now I remember why I love snowboarding. And I'm happy to find it feels just as fab this season as it did last year.

I rode about 3 hours each day, and am pleased to find I wasn't sore afterward. Except my shins were a little tender. The yoga and squats I do are definitely paying off. After the first 20-30 minutes on the slope each day things really changed. I wasn't cold anymore and my body remembered what to do. That warm-up period is crucial and you can actually notice the difference before and after.

I'm excited about my trip tomorrow to Mont Tremblant, first time. Tremblant is in the beautiful Laurentian mountains of Quebec, 1.5 hours from Montreal, Canada.

Get in touch if you'll be there Jan 10-14 or have any recommendations.


Want to help improve your snowboard skills and have your questions answered even when you are at home? This book

The Illustrated Guide To Snowboarding

by Kevin Ryan

can help you do that.

I referred to this book repeatedly during my snowboard learning years, and still do. My snowboard bible! Kevin Ryan has the rare ability to combine practical, technical and humorous info in a readable style. Click here

or from the Shopping page of

and you will be helping to support the when you purchase anything.

Also read too! to improve your skills and knowledge of snowboarding.


3. Lauren in the Rocky Mtn. News and NY Times and on TV and Flexmeter Snowboard Safety Gloves

(Hey, this issue of the Szine's all about me! What the heck, it's my Szine!)

There was a nice article about me and my websites in the Colorado Rocky Mountain News, by Gavin Ehringer on Dec. 22.

You can read it here:,1299,DRMN_85_3417461,00.html

By the way, if you think you saw ME on RSN (that's Resort Sports Network, not Red Sox Nation) you're RIGHT. I often appear on the RadX Sports show as a reporter and interviewer. Here are a few places to see the show.

Empire Sports Network - DirecTV Channel 626

Hudson Valley Time Warner Cable- Channel 6

Resort Sports Network (RSN)

Epic Sports Channel -

Also, "" was mentioned in the NY Times (yay!) on Dec. 16, as a source of the Flexmeter elastic Snowboard Glove. The elastic glove and wrist guard were designed by a french ER doctor who has worked on thousands of snowboard injuries, and they are said to reduce snowboard wrist fractures by 60% or more. They don't just absorb shock like most protective gloves and guards. They prevent the wrist from bending too far in the wrong direction.

After the article appeared we were deluged with orders for the elastic Flexmeter glove and wrist guard, and the sole Flexmeter distributor sold out stock in less than 2 days. But we'll be stocked up again next week. So if you need your wrists for work and play, Flexmeter is the way to go.

You don't need the gloves AND wrist guard, just one or the other. The glove has the wrist guard incorporated, and is a neater, easier, but more spendy way to go.

Get order info here.

Scroll to the bottom to see the NY Times article.


4. Goals - What You Working On this Season?

It's a long road from that first awkward time you find both feet strapped onto a snowboard, to looking cool and feeling great on a board. We know, it's all about progression. And that means setting goals to achieve each season, each session.

What are your goals to achieve on your board this season? Share yours, read others, at

My goals are posted there, down at the bottom, first one. Check it out!


Thanks for reading The Snowboard Szine!


Editor -


"Let's Ride!"






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