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The Snowboard Szine Vol. 1, Issue 24



In This Issue

1. Sick Park at Windham, NY

2. Snowboard Theft by Professionals

3. Snowboard Manslaughter

4. Pro Forum - Q & A on

5. US Open Championships are set for March 15 - 20

6. Whiteface Needs YOU! this weekend


1. Sick Park at Windham, NY

I rode Windham in the Catskill Mountains of NY yesterday with some friends. We had the place all to ourselves. Worked on carving and switch skills with Trae and Gordon, 2 of the excellent snowboard teaching staff. Visit these 2 and try their method to make better turns switch or regular.

Events guy Troy Ketcham gave us a good tour around the hill that he's been riding since he was a kid. And then... too late... I spotted the SICKEST RAIL I've ever seen. Not that *I* would ever go near it. But if it had been earlier I could've watched the Park and Pipe guys hit it. Erich Knabbe and Mark Leverock maintain their park by constantly testing the features. Not a terrible job to have.

Anyway, this was an arced rail, the only one of its kind. Think of a rainbow rail, pulled up in the center to look like a small mountain. Erich says it's "very technical." Meaning, you better know what you're doing and how fast to go on that thing, or you'll launch into space.

(Btw, if you want a rail like this for your backyard or whatever, we can get you in touch with the Rail Genie who welded this piece of art. He also created an incredible banked-C box that's on the hill along with 8 or so other rails.)

I'm going back to see what really goes on in Windham's 3 terrain parks. They are creating child prodigy freestylers. I'll bring back pictures next time.

Windham has 3 events going on in March. Check here for details


2. Snowboard Theft by Professionals

I was talking to a guy on the lift recently about my and he told me his board had been stolen the day before from the resort. AND IT WAS LOCKED when it was stolen. The thief used a bolt cutter. The board was locked at the "drop off" area. I had locked my board at the very same place earlier while I parked.

Keep in mind that the "drop off" area at a resort is an active place with quick getaway potential and be careful about leaving your gear there for long. The stolen board had been parked for 3 or 4 hours.

Just in the last few days more boards have been reported stolen on the Registry. All but one of the boards showing as stolen are Burton men's boards. Missing are 2 Customs, 2 Canyons, and a Baron.

The latest one reported also was locked and had the lock cut and taken. I used to think locking a board was good enough. Now I don't know what to recommend. You can't very well carry your board to the bathroom, and you don't always have a friend there to watch it.

Board theft is a heinous slimy criminal act that we are very sorry to hear about. Register your board's serial numbers against theft online - free at our

And check there before buying a used board to make sure it's not stolen. You can easily print out a list of stolen boards from the site if you have a shop and want to keep an eye out for them.

If you come across a board reported as "MISSING" on the Registry, contact the police, and contact us so we can get you in touch with the owner.


3. Snowboard Manslaughter

Here's more bad news, reported yesterday by AP.

I just don't understand.

If he had "ample room to turn but didn't do so", then WHY didn't he?

Didn't know how, didn't look, or didn't bother? This kid is in BIG trouble now.

A Maryland 16-year-old has been charged with manslaughter and reckless endangering, after a fatal collision with a skier at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.

According to witnesses, 28-year-old Heather Donahue, of Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, was skiing slowly on an intermediate slope Thursday, when the boy collided with her. Witnesses say the boy was going very fast, and that he had ample room to turn but didn't do so.

The manslaughter charge carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison.

Full story here


4. Pro Forum - Q & A on

We have a new feature where we've posted up your snowboarding questions, answered by our experts.

Thanks for writing in your questions David, Pat, Steve, Josh, Geoff, Pam, John, Radar, and Katie.

Check out the answers now!

And thanks again to my Experts for answering:

Jean Sapula, Gavin Ehringer, Trae Scott, Chickie Rosenberg, Jeremy King, Jon Callahn, Chance Caswell and Jamie at Belleayre, Kevin Ryan, and Rob Anderson.


5. US Open Championships are set for March 15 - 20, with the Finals on Friday, Sat, and Sun.

My money's on Antti Autti, of the Flow Team who will turn 20 on the first day of the Open.

He won first place in the halfpipe at the X Games AND the NOKIA Snowboard FIS World Cup at Bardonecchia, Italy last month.

Here's who to watch for at the 3 final events:

Rail jam – Friday night, March 18: Watch for Leanne Pelosi, Rahm Klampert, Shaun White, Jeremy Jones, Molly Aguirre and Janna Meyen

Superpipe finals – Saturday, March 19: Watch for Shaun White, Danny Kass, Kelly Clark, Antti Autti, Gretchen Bleiler, Keir Dillon and Nicolas Müller

Slopestyle finals – Sunday, March 20: Watch for Shaun White, Danny Kass, Romain De Marchi, JP Solberg, Natasza Zurek and Janna Meyen

More here:

NBC will feature a two-hour broadcast special of the Open on April 9th from 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM EST.


Want to see Highlights of the US Opens of 2004, 2003, 2002?

Then check out the DVD we made.

You help support our sites with your purchase. Lauren


6. Whiteface Needs YOU! this weekend

Whiteface Mountain at Lake Placid hosts the State Farm U.S. Snowboard Cup this weekend, a stop on the Nokia World Cup tour.

From March 3-6 volunteers are needed to serve as gatekeepers, slippers, section helpers, hand-timers, runners, manual scorekeepers and drug-testing chaperones.

Volunteers will receive a ski / ride voucher for each day of volunteering. It is not necessary to be a skier or rider to volunteer. Training will be provided.

Call 518-523-1655 x 247 or log on to


Thanks for reading The Snowboard Szine!


Editor -


"Let's Ride!"






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