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The Snowboard Szine Vol. 1, Issue 25



In This Issue

1. Off to the Open - TV - DVD

2. Stem Cells Dominate

3. Mountain Creek Tactical Survival Guide

4. US Open treats the Ladies Right - Ride With Shannon Dunn & more


1. Off to the Open - TV - DVD

I'm psyched to be headed up to the US Open Snowboarding Championships at Stratton Mountain, VT. I'm going tomorrow so I can watch the qualifiers for Slopestyle and Friday for Pipe, as well as the finals over the weekend. Friday night the Finals begin with the Rail Jam.

Highlights of the Open will air on NBC on April 9, 2005 from 2:00-4:00pm EST. Frankly, TV just can't do it justice.

If you're jonesing to watch some high level competition but can't make it to Vermont, you can get our DVD of

"Openx3 - Highlights, 2004, 2003, 2002."

See the ad below or just click

More on the Open in the Szine, below.


2. Stem Cells Dominate

Naw, this isn't political. Or scientific. Just means that 2 talented brothers with the last name of Stem ended up competing head to head in the finals for the $2000 purse at Mountain Creek, NJ on Sat. at the Smith Grudge Match. The winning Stem cell magic is handed down from their sporty contest-winning Dad, Fred. More on him below.

The format was a "Rail and Big Air Tournament" as opposed to the rail jam we were expecting. The Smith limo with the rail welded on top broke down on the highway and was in the shop for the weekend. Other sponsors were Nitro and Da Kine. Features were a flat to down rail/box and a 35 foot show booter (table top jump.)

27 competitors started out and after one run each were knocked down to 16. The contest was "man on man" with the matches picked out of a hat, and winners of each round then competing against each other. When it came down to the final 2, it was brothers Justin and Greg Stem competing head to head.

As usual, the competitors asked "can't we just split the prize money?" and as usual, the answer was "NO." Greg threw down a 540 underflip to win. This is an off-axis or corked spin often used in a competition where they don't allow inverted tricks. Much more dramatic than a straight spin but not technically breaking the invert rule.

After the comp, I got to take a ride thru the pipe with Stem Dad Fred, a snowboarding lawyer, if you can believe that. Fred's an active sports enthusiast and USASA Nationals 3rd place combined winner in all 5 snowboard events, 2 years in a row.

Justin was combined champ for all 5 USASA events in the 18-22 age group 3 years in a row. He won the Forum Youngbloods locally this year and is going to the finals in CA.

Greg Stem has evolved into a top rail rider which is not a USASA event. He won one the of first Peanut Butter and Rail Jams in Park City Finals, the Pro Am Slopestyle at Mountain Creek, Saturday's Smith Grudge Match, and podiumed at Forum Youngbloods.

The family that rides and plays together, well, it's all good.



If you can't make it to the US Open and want to see the superb riding that gets thrown down in competition by the world's best, watch it on DVD!

"Open x3 "chronicles the last 3 Opens and is mesmerizing to watch.

Events are halfpipe, rails, and slopestyle. There are soundbites from Travis Rice, Ross Powers, Hannah Teter, Kelly Clark, Keir Dillon, Danny Kass and his Dad, the judges, and more.

It's $24.99 + $2 shipping.

To buy go to

Paypal and credit cards accepted.

Thanks for supporting our snowboard sites with your purchase! ==========================================

3. Mountain Creek Tactical Survival Guide

This is my first season riding Mountain Creek in New Jersey, and It's fun! MC spawned Danny Kass, you know. Weekends can be crowded, just as they are everywhere. I have discovered some tactical survival hints over my 3 visits that can improve your Mountain Creek experience.

I won't list them all here, because my readers in Colorado and Great Britain might get really bored. But I can email my "Mountain Creek Tactical Survival Guide" (free) next week after the Open. Drop me a line.

A couple of Mountain Creek tidbits:

Buy a Park Pass for $5. If you ride in the park, there will be a lot of cool things to see, even if you're not hitting the features. They have the first "wall ride" I've seen live. Great to see Justin McCarthy ride it so smooth. And at least in the park, first time riders won't be careening toward you out of control. Also, ride the WHOLE resort. There are 3 peaks, and you can ride and take lifts from each to the other. One order of the cheese fries will provide cheap fuel for at least 3 people. You can see the sunset while riding up and down Mountain Creek since they have night riding.

Email me for more.

By the way, at least 3 snowboarding men at Mountain Creek expressed their amazement to see a snowboarding WOMAN (me) there. Whaddup wi' that? Hey Jersey girls and ladies - get on board, willya?! Read my article for beginning snowboarders here for help getting started.

And speaking of female riders, the US Open is offering all kinds of goodies to the fairer sex riders this week. Not just the pros. Read on.


4. US Open treats the Ladies Right - Ride With Shannon Dunn & more

Read about the Open on the official site here

The US Open has always given women riders the respect they deserve, and that's one of the reasons why it attracts some of the best female riders in the world to compete. Women riders win equal prize money in all events - a too rare phenomenon in professional snowboarding.

And this year, the event is stepping it up even more by creating two new awards for women - the Volvo Best Performance Award and the Ski-Doo Outstanding Rookie Award. One deserving female competitor will win a Volvo V50 Sport Wagon for top overall performance at the event and one up-and-coming female rider will win a Ski-Doo Summit Adrenaline 600 snowmobile for pushing her own personal limits and showing outstanding results in the highest competitive level.

This year, the US Open is also showing extra love to the ladies attending with these events:

Ride with Shannon Dunn - Saturday March 19th 10:00AM

Meet at the Burton Demo tent to ride 2006 Burton gear and take a few runs with snowboard legend and Olympic medalist Shannon Dunn. All ladies are welcome.

Ladies Shopping Night - Saturday March 19th 6:00PM - 8:00PM After the halfpipe finals and rider autograph session, head to Syd and Dusty's snowboard shop in the village for a special shopping night. All ladies get 40% off 2005 Burton gear, and a free gift will be handed out to the first 50 guests to walk through the door. Free snacks and drinks will also be on hand.

While you're at the Open, be sure to also check out the Boarding for Breast Cancer tent in the sponsor village. Burton is 'Tied to the Cause' of Boarding for Breast Cancer and created limited edition snowboard boot laces and scarves to benefit this amazing cause. One hundred percent of all sales proceeds will be donated to support breast cancer research, so pick up laces and scarves for all your friends and family. Check out the Boarding for Breast Cancer's website at  for more ways you can help.


Thanks for reading The Snowboard Szine!


Editor -


"Let's Ride!"






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