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The Snowboard Szine Vol. 1, Issue 26



In This Issue

1. Spring Riding, and Transitioning

2. 4 Fun New Pages up on

3. US Open 2005 - My Report - Meeting Jake!


1. Spring Riding, and Transitioning

The snow has finally melted in my yard. Spring is starting to show herself. The little frogs were caught by my car headlights hopping across the street in the rain last night. And yet instead of feeling a new beginning, I am regretting the end of Winter. The end of snowboard season is inevitably coming. I'm not done yet. I'm still "working" (ha ha!) to get my 30 days of riding in this season. So I'll be out there until the hills close for the season.

Spring riding is a treat, a gift from nature. The snow is soft, the air is warm, if you're lucky the sky is blue, and the slopes are definitely uncrowded. Lift and package prices are usually lower too as the mountains hustle to finish their seasons profitably.

This was a cold winter. At the beginning of this Winter, I was saying to myself "why does it seem like an effort to get out on the hill? Why am I hesitant to try new moves? This is not what I remember from last season." Now the mystery has unfolded.

What I remembered from last season was of course the END of the season and that delicious SPRING RIDING - when you can ride soft forgiving snow instead of solid hardpack that hurts to fall on. And when you are better than you were at the beginning of the season. So don't hang up your boards yet. This is the best part! Check to see what resorts are still open.

Advice: If you've enjoyed a lot of good riding this season, there's an inevitable "let-down" at the end of the season when it's all over. Those happy endorphins you've been feeling disappear. So plan ahead now. Find some other healthy activities that keep you busy and make you feel good, and JUST DO THEM when your snowboarding season ends. Personally, I'm back to more dance and yoga classes, and will be taking some self-improvement Adult Ed classes to get me through the transition. And maybe take up jogging again, though it won't be as much fun without Scooby.


2. There are 4 Fun New Pages up on

1. My personal favorite:

How to Unpack Your Car from a 5-Day Road Trip in 5 Minutes at

See the mess in MY car after I came home from the US Open, and then 5 minutes later when I cleaned it all out.

The Transpack Boot and Helmet bag that helps me keep my stuff together so well is pictured sitting on my driveway on the "Unpack" page and is now available for purchase on my site at

Or just hit "Packs" on the NAV bar anytime.

2. US Open 2005 photo essay -

3. Danny Kass Meets his Fans -

This guy is a prince. Go to this page to find out why.

4. Mountain Creek Hosts Smith Grudge Match, March 12 -

I finally got the pictures of cute guys Greg and Justin Stem posted up here.

Remember you can always hit the "Newest" button on the NAV bar to find what's new on Oh, and there's a new picture on my home page that you will like.


3. US Open 2005 - My Report - Meeting Jake!

Going to my second US Open Snowboarding Championships this year was awesome. Even better than last year. The first time you go, if you don't have friends to show you the ropes, you kind of bumble around. I know I did. This year was much smoother, and I have met so many people in the last 2 years since I started, and I ran into most of them there, it seemed!

This year I even beat some of the logistical challenges. I have figured out a way to have the best time with the least amount of time spent in cars or shuttles. And if you do it with some friends, it's not even too expensive. I'm thinking of booking some rooms at Stratton for the Open next year for my readers, and writing a guide on how to do this trip right. Email me if you're interested to know more.

I was fortunate to meet and chat with Jake Burton Carpenter (Jake Burton, or Jake is what everyone seems to call him.) He's the guy who took the snowboard ball and ran with it, founding Burton Snowboards. He has a Zen-mellow, very appealing vibe. I guess that's what snowboarding a lot can do for you.

Coincidentally I had carefully read his bio that morning, even though I was not expecting to meet him. When I asked him if he really did learn to speak German, he answered me in German "I speak a bit." I asked "how did you turn yourself around from being a trouble-maker in 9th grade" and he said he owes it all to his dad "who whooped his butt into action." I told him that Burton Men's boards are the most frequently reported stolen on and he said he never likes to hear about board theft, but "Frankly, I'm kind of flattered."

It was a great time at Stratton, with blue skies and warmish weather this year. When you're not watching the practices or events, you can go and ride this beautiful mountain. I was on trails each day where I couldn't see another person. And there are plenty of competitors around that you can ride the lifts with before the events. Snowboard Girls and Ladies, come on out and represent! There were very few females riding the mountain, besides the competitors. Let's balance things out!

The Junior Jam Halfpipe Comp. on Sunday is a low-key and fun event to attend. Not crowded, you can stand anywhere along the pipe, and see the kids who will be competing in the big event in the years to come. You can probably poach a run down the pipe too if you pick your time right.

I'm heading back to Stratton tomorrow for a couple of days of riding and to ride the Open Pipe, if it's still there.


Thanks for reading The Snowboard Szine!


Editor -


"Let's Ride!"






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