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The Snowboard Szine Vol. 1, Issue 32


In This Issue

1a. Snowboard season started, USASA
1. What's New! on our Sites
2. Movie Musings - Snowboard Film Coming to Theatres in Dec!
3. Varsity Snowboarding? Trampoline Training?

1a. Snowboard season started, USASA

Here's a cheerful thought. I actually saw some real, nature made snow this week.
In VT, on a leaf peep trip.
Snow is the word lately in the weather, here and there.
Loveland CO. is open. Maybe other resorts too - anyone know a website that easily shows who's open?
Belleayre, NY had snow this morning and predicts a Nov. 5 opening, I hear.

I signed up to compete in USASA this season, thanks to my friend Laurie Leach who does it.
I have no idea what to expect, except not much competition in my age category!
If you're thinking of signing up, it's only $50 'til Oct. 31, then it becomes $60.

Andrew Mutty, team manager for Flow, tells me that the route a lot of competitors follow is to start with the Mountain Dew Vertical Challenge, then compete in USASA, then start doing events and maybe get sponsored.

1. What's New! on our Sites

You can always find the latest on our site by looking on the home page of
There's a box there trimmed in yellow - called "Newest Features and Pages" with a list of what's new.
Or hit "Newest" on the Nav bar.

Here - we've saved you a step.

ICER Air in SF
A big (HUGE!) air contest was held right in downtown San Francisco in Sept.
Our newest contributor, Ilana Sochaczewski - covered the event!
Spectacular photos

Hot Dawgz and Hand Rails
Even earlier in Sept., Bear Mountain (CA) made snow and held a rail jam, and Ilana also covered it. Read Ilana's bio at the bottom of this page.

17 Year Old Snowboard Entrepreneur
You've heard the advice "follow your passion." I found a 17 year old snowboard entrepreneur doing that.
Bennet Greene runs MooCow Snowboards.
Read his profile at

So NOT Bonnaroo
I had a great time at the Gathering of the Vibes Music Festival near Albany, NY this summer.
Great bands, great venue, great people, great security crew, and just the right size so it never seemed crowded. Pictures and article here.

Snowboarding Q & A
New Q&A posted, on board selection, with an awesome detailed answer by Rossignol eastern rep. Chris Yeaton.
And an answer "on going pro", by Jon Callahan.

Profiles of the experts who answer your questions are now posted here

And don't forget the Who's Who in Snowboarding -

If you're sponsored, enter your profile up there. Now!

Hey, is anybody reading this? I haven't heard from many of you lately.
Drop a line and say hi!

Find Out What's Going On!
Snowboard movies, competitions, parties, camps, more.
Visit the Biggest (only?) Snowboard Events Calendar for the Eastern US, and California.
Easy to read format

2. Movie Musings - Snowboard Film Coming to Theatres in Dec.!

Last week I went to the local movie theatre and had the unprecedented experience of walking out of not one, but TWO different movies in boredom and disgust. More about that in a minute.

The good news - I was SHOCKED to see the trailer for a new SNOWBOARD movie. It was first in the endless line-up of previews.
"First Descent," by Mountain Dew Films is actually coming to theatres Dec. 2. I had already seen the trailer last week online as it was heavily featured on TW Snowboarding's site.
I didn't realize it was going to be a mainstream theatre release.
Shawn Farmer, Terje Haakonsen, Nick Peralta. Hannah Teter and Shaun White star in this film, riding Alaska, and showing us where our sport has been and where it's going.
I'm so there!

Also, TGR has it's Ski and Snowboard Film "Tangerine Dream" touring now. Check for dates.

(skip this part if you only want to read about snowboarding)
Saw a preview of Charlize Theron's new film "North Country." She is not only beautiful, but an excellent actress. Anyone see her on "Arrested Development" on TV recently?

I started my evening watching the movie "A History of Violence" David Cronenberg's new flick. I've admired his past work, and I figured I could take anything he could dish out as long as I have Viggo Mortensen's face to look at. Wrong. This movie had a weird forced cadence to it and gratuitous violence. And the sex - well I predict that parents and kids will be squirming if they sit through this together. You don't usually see this stuff in mainstream movies. It's interesting to see Viggo do his "Marlon Brando in the "Godfather" weird vocal impression.

Then I checked out "In Her Shoes" which had a good crowd, with an older group well-represented to see Shirley McClaine do her fine thing. Despite the upbeat previews, this movie dragged and seemed to be going nowhere. Outside the theatre before the movies were over I met 2 other escapees.

Do you miss snow?
US OPEN DVD - Only available here!

If you didn't make it to the US Open and want to see the superb riding that gets thrown down in competition by the world's best, watch it on DVD!

"Open x3" chronicles 3 Opens (thru 2004) and is mesmerizing to watch.
Events are halfpipe, rails, and slopestyle. There are soundbites from Travis Rice, Ross Powers, Hannah Teter, Kelly Clark, Keir Dillon, Danny Kass and his Dad, the judges, and more.

It's $24.99 + $2 shipping.
To buy go to
Paypal and credit cards accepted.

Thanks for supporting our snowboard sites with your purchase!

3. Varisty Snowboarding? Trampoline Training?

The manager of the University of Denver (DU) Snowboard Team wrote me these questions.
Please write me if you have answers.

"Have you heard of any university clubs or teams that are
involved in any level of competition? We'd like to see snowboarding
recognized on a varsity level."

"Do you know anything about the benefits of using a
trampoline or diving board in training? Obviously these can be beneficial if
used properly, but to someone who knows less about snowboarding it seems like more of a liability then a benefit."

Thanks for reading The Snowboard Szine!

Editor and Creator of

Westchester County, NY

"Let's Ride!"






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