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The Snowboard Szine Vol. 1, Issue 35


In This Issue
1. Your First Times Out this Season
2. Jiminy Peak and Bretton Woods
3. SnowboardSecret - Go NOW!
4. New Snowboard Mags out there
5. NY Meetup network is set up
1. Your First Times Out this Season

I am lucky - I've been out snowboarding 3 times since Thanksgiving. My first day was at Jiminy Peak in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts. (More below on all the cool new things at Jiminy Peak.) I rode last weekend in NH.

Remember, there are challenges to your first day out! Physical, mental, and gear challenges! The last time you rode was probably last spring, and you had your snowboard act together by then. You knew the routine, your body was ready, and you knew where all your gear was. (I'll do a little article on getting your gear together for the season soon.)

Now you're going out to ride for the first time this season. You can't remember if your board was waxed & tuned or needs it. You can't remember where your snowboard socks and longies are. And when you get out there, your body may complain, even though you thought you were in shape! At least mine did. I was a little sore the next day. Sore toenail too - trim those things before you go put on your boots!

The good news is that my 2nd day out, a week later, was far easier. (I rode at Bretton Woods, NH. What an experience. More below!) I knew where all my gear was. (Right! it stayed in the car all week!) And I WASN'T sore the day after.

And 5 hours of driving was erased by that "...Aahhhh...." feeling within the first 5 minutes of riding. Hey, that's what it's all about, isn't it?

So, get out there and DO it ASAP! But don't OVER do it. You're not going to want to ride from dawn to dusk your first times out. Just ride for a couple of hours, or if longer, be sure to take a break to rest, hydrate, and maybe stretch a little in between.

And know that your whole riding experience only gets better as the season goes on!

2. Jiminy Peak, Massachusetts
Bretton Woods, New Hampshire

I had my last day on snow last season, and my first day out this season at Jiminy Peak, in the Berkshires of MA. It is a self-contained resort with lodgings at the lift for easy access. And plenty of parking for day trips.

This season, they will have three terrain parks. Coyote Ridge is the large, advanced park and the location of the half pipe. There are also small and medium parks so there is a good progression and a place for all ability levels. This year they will require all who enter Coyote Ridge to have a Coyote Smart Card. To get one, riders and skiers will need to watch a brief, 5-10 minute safety video and sign off that they have done so.

Jiminy Peak also offers Snow Tubing at Snowy Owl Resort, formerly Brodie Mountain. Tubing is sold in 90-minute sessions and there are 5 tubing lanes, each over 800 feet long and a new Carpet lift.

I had fun at Jiminy in the warm weather too last summer, on their Alpine Slide, Giant Swing, and Euro Trampoline, where you can practice double somersaults while safely strapped in to bungee cords with a seatbelt harness.


Bretton Woods, New Hampshire
Many people in the Northeastern US have heard of the Mount Washington Hotel and the Cog Railway in NH, that climbs the highest peak in the northeastern US. The railway has been chugging since 1869, and the grand hotel has been there since 1902.

Much younger, is the nearby Bretton Woods Mountain Resort. Opened in 1973, this is the largest snow resort in NH and one of the newest ski and snowboard resorts in New England. Three terrain parks will operate once there is enough snow.

I had fun riding here over the weekend and best of all... IT WASN'T CROWDED! Yes, it's early in the season. Yes, the entire mountain wasn't opened up yet. But with snowmaking guns blasting and reduced early season lift ticket prices, riding uncrowded powdery slopes at Bretton Woods is a glorious experience!

Read the full report of my enjoyable trip to Bretton Woods and my swing down Memory Lane at the Mount Washington Hotel (with it's outstanding service!) here.

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3. SnowboardSecret - Go NOW!

Last Sunday at Bretton Woods, it was so uncrowded that I actually rode the quad chairlift ALONE a couple of times.

Once Christmas comes, the season will be in full swing. There is a HUGE difference between riding a crowded slope and an empty one.

More serious crashes occur on the slopes during the holidays. Do anything you can to get to the slopes when other people aren't there. On the lift I coined this phrase, and I'm sure you'll hear it from me again because I really like it. "Play Hooky & Go Snowboarding!"

Another answer is GO SNOWBOARDING NOW! Between Thanksgiving and Christmas can be a great, uncrowded time on the hill. If the whole mountain isn't open, the lift ticket price is probably discounted too. It's perfect.

You may not have the stamina for the cold and exertion now, that you will later in the season. You don't really need the whole mountain now. Just go and get some snow under your board and break the ice (!) for the great times you will have riding later this season.

4. New Snowboard Mags out there

"Future Snowboarding" just put out its first issue. It came with a DVD, and cost $7.99. I found the mag readable, pretty, and friendly. With a sense of humor. Also full of good info. The Board Test article was well-researched, and you got to meet the testers and hear what they were looking for in boards they rode, and what they found.

EastCoast Snowboarding is Neil Korn's latest venture. Free at boardshops in the Northeast, and full of pictures and people. Fun.

See who's sponsored - at the Who's Who of Snowboarding

5. NY Meetup network is set up

My friend Saran Saran Nerngchamnong wants an easy way for NY riders to be able to meet to ride and party. The NY Snowboard Network has had quite a few activities since their recent start. I signed up.

He writes me:

"Lauren, I wanted your help on getting out the word for the meetup site I start up for snowboarders in NYC. I was inspired by what you have done with your awesome site, and want to do something in smaller scale. I want to get a group of snowboarder who normally don't go riding because they don't have "wingman" to go riding with. With this group, it will be a community site for riders to come together.. plan trips, communicate and go riding. I hope to be a "sub network" for riders in this area. My wingman Dan and I already planed on going to Hunter this coming weekend (cant wait anymore)."

Site link:


Thanks for reading The Snowboard Szine!

Editor and Creator of

Westchester County, NY

"Let's Ride!"






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