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The Snowboard Szine Vol. 1, Issue 42


In This Issue

1. Re-live this Winter's Snowboard Action Online

2. Skateboard King, Fausto Vitello, dies at age 59

3. Flexmeter SALE! - Very Helpful for NEW Snowboarders

4. Live and Ride the Endless Winter - South America Snow Sessions!

5. Albuquerque - Skate Park & Food

1. Re-live this Winter's Snowboard Action Online

Have you watched webcasting and "Video on Demand"?

What it boils down to for YOU is that you can re-live peak moments of winter's snowboard competitions and events by clicking onto OOH.TV, then "Sports", then "Extreme" then "Epic Sports."

Or use this SHORTCUT:
(I have to say that writing this article took me lots of extra time because I was transfixed and had to keep watching the clips!)

Here are some winter highlights from our friend Gerry Pallor's RadSports and where to find them for exciting online viewing:

* The Grand Prix, Mountain Creek
See Scotty Lago and Michael Goldschmidt with their Magic Marker Mustaches at the Grand Prix. Dad Mike Aguirre interviewing his son Mason Aguirre. Danny Kass, Kelly Clark, Gretchen Bleiler, Andy Finch and more throwing it down in the Halfpipe Finals.
To see it click on the episode "RadSports Competition Grass Roots to Big Time" from the scroll list.

Klaus Obermeyer is featured in the final segment of this show. He's 87, and he skis as much as he can every year and is an absolute inspiration. This charming man who virtually invented the ski parka and modern day ski wear even yodels for us in the show.

(Psst! - you can see 5 seconds of ME dodging the gates on my board at Belleayre with Jim Cardenali's Race Camp in the first feature, that precedes the Grand Prix article. I'm in red - 5:07 to 5:12 on the timer.)

* Wanna see the famous Times Square Rail Jam that went down in mid-town Manhattan on March 29, 2006?
Click "RadSports: Shaun White, Hannah Teter & the Times Square Rail Jam" from the list of shows.

Shaun White and Hanna Teter had a huge luxury coach bus parked in Times Square for the jam. Check out the pictures here:

* Click on "Summer on Snow and Rail Jam"
to see the Belleayre Rail Jam, Windell's Summer Snowboard and Ski Camp, highlights of the 2005 US Open with Ross Powers, Kelly Clark, Danny Kass , Hannah Teter, Abe Teter, Elijah Teter, Gretchen Bleiler, Tricia Byrnes, Shaun White, Andy Finch, Lindsey Jacobellis, Steven Fisher, and Mason Aguirre.

The last feature shows the rail riding of Chris Rotax and Yale Cousino, as our photog friend Ziggy shoots their antics at Mt. Hood.

* The second annual "Hunter Mountain Latitude 42 Degrees North Air Assault" was open to both skiers and snowboarders. This makes it one of the most exciting regional competitions of the season. The competition attracts a mix of local pros with up and coming young amateurs and provides a good place to spot talent on the rise.
Click on "RadSports Air Assault" to see this 5 minute piece with lots of local color.

RadXSports can be seen on cable television, cell phones, in malls, airports and public spaces throughout North America. Details about where to see it can be found at RadXSports produces 10 shows per year.

2. Skateboard King, Fausto Vitello, dies at age 59

On a sad note, we report the death of Fausto Vitello, king of the outlaw skateboarders, who started Thrasher Magazine with several associates in 1981. He is described as The Godfather, a visionary, and "the man who saved the skateboarding business by promoting urban street skating at a crucial point in time when pool and vert skating was dying."

He died Saturday, April 22, 2006 at age 59, while riding his bicycle in Woodside, Calif. The cause was an apparent heart attack. The NY Times reports that Thrasher's Web site -, features "articles, interviews and, for school-age readers, a selection of downloadable term papers "to free up more time to skate."

There's a good, comprehensive and historic (but old) article from the San Francisco Bay Guardian. written in May of 1994, titled "Hell on Wheels," posted at if you'd like to read about the ethics of the industry and some more about Fausto Vitello.

Also, obituarial articles on Fausto at

3. Flexmeter SALE! - Very Helpful for NEW Snowboarders

Q. Are you new to snowboarding?
Q. Or would you find it inconvenient to break your wrist snowboarding?

Q. Did you know that wrist injuries are the most common snowboard accident?
Q. And that beginners are more than twice as likely to break a wrist than more experienced riders?

Flexmeter is a snowboard protective wrist guard, or glove with the wrist guard built-in, that was conceived and designed by a French trauma doctor and a team of doctors and engineers, after he (Dr. Binet) analyzed thousands of snowboard wrist injuries.
(Read my interview with Dr. Binet here -

Flexmeter is different from most other designs of sport wrist guard, because the guard is on the BACK of the wrist, to absorb the shock. And it is one of the few protective products on the market designed by a doctor, with statistics to show injury reduction, of 67%.

I am the national distributor for these fine products, and I had a great season selling them to safety conscious snowboarders online.

Now, I have some extra stock left in select sizes that I am offering to my readers at a discount. You cannot buy Flexmeters on ebay, or in stores (though maybe next season they will be in some specialty stores.)

For the month of May, I am taking $5 off each item. If you buy 2, I'll take an extra $5 off, so you'll save $15 on 2 items. This makes a great gift for yourself, for any snowboarders in your life!
Shop at
Sale is during the Month of May only, and subject to availability.

Right now I have Flexmeter Wrist Guards in size small. Regularly $59.
I have Flexmeter Gloves with Wrist Guards built in - sizes XSmall, Small, and Medium. Regularly $99.

Read what my Flexmeter customers have to say about the gloves and guards here: (They love them!)
(You'll have to sift thru some compliments about my website - they're all mixed in.)

4. Want to live and Ride the Endless Winter? South America Snow Sessions!

How about going to snowboard camp in South America? Las Lenas, Argentina to be exact?
My friend John Wilbur, from Connecticut is running his South American Snowboard Sessions for its second season, this year.

Here is his report on the 2005 season:
John says "After finishing up one of the sickest seasons ever here at SASS I'd like to serve you a recap.

During our sessions campers were super psyched to be riding big mountains,
building back country jumps, thrashing the park, taking part in a great
Spanish language program and gaining a wonderful cultural experience. Not to mention special activities such as traditional Argentine barbecues, sushi night and water polo...

We've been lucky to have had some really cool guest appearances. Alterna
Action Films came for two weeks in July with J.F. Fortin, Matt Beardmore and
Travis Williams. In the middle of August, Mark Frank Montoya visited us and
integrated himself quite nicely with our camp functions attending Spanish
class almost every day.

The Airblaster crew (Travis Parker, Robbie Sell, Sean McKay, etc.) came in the end of August just in time to ride some serious pow. And now in the super late September session Pat Milbery was on a daily mission to slay everything while keeping everybody entertained with his lively personality.

Between the guests, the special activities, an excellent coaching staff, the
mountains of Las Lenas and all the enthusiasm and excitement provided by our campers, last summer was unforgettable. For now the word is that SASS has been killing it in Argentina all summer. See you this season!"

There are 4 sessions of 2 weeks each and the dates are:

July 8 - 22
July 22 - Aug. 5
Aug. 5 -19th (The biggest session. With a bikini fashion show out on the snow by Gente Magazine.)
Aug. 19 - Sept. 2

Cost for the 14 day sessions is $2600 which includes everything but phone calls home. (You cover the cost of getting to Buenos Aires, all other in-country flights and transportation are covered.

Call John at 203 458-1632 or visit
or write And tell him you read about his camp here!

P.S. - Want to see a picture of John? Go to my 2006 US Open page at
and scroll down 'til you see the good looking guy in the yellow shirt and orange touk. By the way, I snowboarded a couple of times with John this winter and he is one of the most stylish riders I've seen! I'm sure his campers learn a LOT!

P.P.S. - Check out my camps page here. There's a link to SASS right above Travis Rice's head.

5. Albuquerque - Skate Park & Food

I recently visited Albuquerque, New Mexico on the way to Santa Fe. Had to stop by at Altos Skate Park there, after hearing that it was ranked #8 of the top skate parks in the US, on a show I saw on Fuel TV. There was good action and lots of friendly kids when I visited. Then we stopped for some delicious tender smoked brisket at Rudy's Country Store and Bar-B-Q. Also worked in a stop for some green chile stew and tacos at The Frontier, a landmark in Albuquerque. It's amazing to watch them cook and serve this high quality, low-priced food so fast and efficiently!

See who's sponsored - at the Who's Who of Snowboarding
R U sponsored? Then post your profile for all to see!


Thanks for reading The Snowboard Szine!

Editor and Creator of

Westchester County, NY

"Let's Ride!"






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