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The Snowboard Szine Vol. 1, Issue 46


In This Issue
1. Art Contest by
1a. What Did You Do this Summer?
2. Snowboard Fashion Forecast
3. Warning! Don't purchase
4. Need Wakeboarding Teachers
5. Gathering of the Vibes Concert this Weekend
6. Casting Call Contest -Smoothie King

1. Art Contest by

Hey Artists -
We're having an art contest, to create a page in the Winter Sports Special Issue of Pulse Magazine, an entertainment semi-monthly magazine out of Fairfield County, CT. that is distributed to 12,000 readers.

Your art should fit into an 8.5 inch high by 5.5 inch wide format, and we expect the winner's work to be printed in full color in the mag that will be promoting our snowboard movie premier in Fairfield County, (if we ever get all the endless details of this movie nailed down!)

Send your art entries to us between Sept. 1 and Sept. 30, at

We've never had an art contest before. We will be judging the winner on ... well, honestly, what we like the best. I'm envisioning a piece of very colorful, page-filling, slightly psychedlic art, snowboard (maybe ski too!) related, that fills the page. If you have questions, email me. We would like to post the top entries on our site, so this can be a way to help get your rep made, even if you don't win the mag spot.

The winner will receive grand prizes from our sponsor as well as publication in Pulse and online.

Boarderbreath offers a great selection of boardsport T's, trucker caps, and school binders. Check 'em out for your back to school style!

1a. What Did You Do this Summer?

Read what others did, and post what you did for fun at
There will be a drawing for prizes for those of you who write in and also give your:
first name, last initial,
city, state, country,
and year of birth.
Just press "reply" to send the info!
Thanks to you all who wrote already. We'll enter you in the drawing too.

2. Snowboard Fashion Forecast - TWSnowboarding

We're no fashion professionals or anything, We just know what we like when we see it, just like you do. The new issue of Trans World Snowboarding has the 2007 Buyer's Guide. This issue should be on the newstand until mid-November but pick it up a.s.a.p.
Then print out this Szine, pop it into the mag, and throw it in your car or bookbag to read (with out fashion commentary) when you're stuck in traffic (but not driving, please!)

(First click over to see me hamming it up in some of the new season's cool Grenade jackets! New boards of many brands are pictured on that page too.)

Start at p. 97 if you'd like to follow along.

First off, pro-rider and founder of Holden Outerwear Mikey Leblanc, is showing a new fabric for outerwear that his company has created, made from natural hemp, and recycled polyester. They've figured out how to make it waterproof and breathable, and are proud that it's a sustainable product. That means it helps the earth's ecology, instead of hurting it. I definitely like that!

Here are my favorites from the fashion spread!

Page 98
The Burton Sgt. Pepper jacket and pants in tango red, look cool. Same page, the Grenade DKG jacket and pants in olive drab/slime drab. The Grenade mannequin looks like a combo zombie and soldier, espesh with that skeleton face they drew in!
There are other really cool jackets and gloves coming from Grenade this season. Check out... ME(!) modeling 2 of them on this page.
I must get around to putting captions up on that page soon!

Page 99
The Helly Hansen Logan 5 jacket and pant in lightning catches my eye with it's fireman/fisherman yelllow accented with brown. The Mission Six Jovian jacket is slim and sleek. Wonder if that's for men or women? Women I would guess.

Page 100
The Smarty Vanity jacket and Lowrise pant is smart looking, likewise the Cappel Campbridge plaid tweed jacket.

Page 101
Holden's Mila jacket with bottom belt and double breasted buttons is stylin'.

Page 102
You may have noticed that I go for bright, some would say loud colors. So I fancy the orange K2 Surpass jacket and Strive pants. You can find your friends in a blizzard when they're wearing orange, to say nothing of the lift line. I also like the multi-colored Mexican blanket jailbird stripes from head to toe in the Burton LTD outfit, in pancho villa stripe. You'll need some sass to sport these stripes.

Page 104
Betty Rides shows a sweet Paris brown plaid jacket and pants. Mission Six shows their Illmatik jacket with stripes that I saw a couple of coaches rocking at the top of the pipe last season. It's catchy and has grown on me! I like it with the matching pants, not shown.

Page 105
Roxy Omega jacket in white/black plaid outfit is sharp.

Page 107
Camo still rocks, on and off the slopes!

3. Warning! Don't purchase

The website for was enticing! I finally spent the $20 and ordered the e-book, to see if it would help me get sponsors or advertisers for my site, and to see if it contained valuable info for my many readers who are trying to get sponsors for their snowboarding.

I am sorry to report that this is a very sloppily made e-book, that I found to be of dubious value.

There is no title page, there are many spelling and grammar errors, the word "snowboard" is not mentioned once. The e-book is choppy, and varies so much in word and print style that I'm sure parts of it are just other people's articles that were incorporated into the e-book.
Email addresses offering "26 weeks of sponsorship support" are listed, but no one answers you when you mail to them, and the message board website link is dead.

Watch for this publication to pop up under a new different name and AVOID it.

This warning is excerpted from a slightly longer tirade that I wrote.
Read ALL the nasty details here:

4. Need Wakeboarding Teachers

Many of you have written to me to find wakeboarding teachers. You read what a good time I had wakeboarding at and want to give it a go.

If you know of wakeboard teachers, please write me so I can share the info!

5. Gathering of the Vibes Concert this Weekend

Still looking for something fun to do this weekend? If you live within driving distance of Albany, NY, remember, this is THE weekend for one of my favorite summer events.

Read about the festival last year, see pictures, and a link, at

6. Casting Call Contest -Smoothie King

Anyone desperate for attention, a good laugh, or incredible prizes (like an all-expense paid trip river rafting down the Grand Canyon) is encouraged to visit to submit audition clips, or randomly browse around for to see what people are willing to do for their fifteen minutes of Internet fame.

See who's sponsored - at the Who's Who of Snowboarding
R U sponsored? Then post your profile for all to see!


Thanks for reading The Snowboard Szine!

Editor and Creator of

Westchester County, NY


"Let's Ride!"






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