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Karen Rabin

Name Karen Rabin - Book Reviewer for, and Realtor  : )

Started riding in what year? 2003 - first ride ever in Lake Tahoe.

Where did you grow up?
Miami, Florida   

Live now?
Santa Barbara, Ca  / Parkland, Fla, /  Park City, Utah

Fave places to ride?
Aspen Snowmass, Park City, Whistler

Do you warm up each day before you ride?
You bet!
If so, what do you do to warm up? I do about 15 mins of stretching and start out riding really slow and easy for first couple of runs.

How keep in shape in season?
I snowboard as many days as I can get in (51 this year...would have been a bunch more if Whistler hadn't turned out so dry), and I run on a treadmill on off days.

How keep in shape for snowboarding out of season?
I run 3-6 miles a few times a week and Kickbox - I keep in mental shape by reading as much as I can get my hands on about, other in-the-stores magazines and any books I can find on the subject.

Do you ever get bummed out about your riding, and why?
Of course I get bummed out. Every day that I am afraid to take a jump, or to push to the next level...ok ok, I'm old and have that excuse, but even for my age, I get scared of getting too much air.

How do you fix it?
I take lessons. Lots of lessons. Next season I'm going to focus on lessons in the park and hanging out with younger kids...for us 'old''s the best way to get and stay brave(er) (so remember that you guys when you look back and there's some old guy or girl trailing behind can make a difference in this guys life - or not.).

What safety equipt. do you  wear, use for snowboarding?
I never never never ride without two things: Helmet, Wrist Guards.  Period. ...and most of the time I ride with knee pads, and sometimes (when in the park) I keep on my 'AZZ (butt) PADS'.  (The older you are, the more those falls hurt).

What have you read that you liked lately?
I recently read "Pretty Good for a Girl" and think that all girl (and guy) riders should read it (show support for pioneer and fellow girl rider author) - see review here  and sort of off the subject, I love watching the clips from this skateboard trick site
otherwise, I'm always looking for a great snowboard book.

Where have you traveled to lately that you like? I love South Beach in Florida. The perfect place to just hang out and do nothing all day. And then there's the nights...well, mostly I sleep, but for the younger crowd - it's awesome.

Anything that not many people know about you that you would like to share?
Well, if I wanted to share, more people would know, so I won't mention that I am DYING to take drum lessons and play in a band.

Encouraging words for beginners?
If you're over 30 DO NOT TAKE THAT FIRST LESSON WITHOUT BUTT PADS!  ...and if you're under 30 and want to feel better the next too. And never without wrist guards...the FLEXMETER is the best and safest! - no matter what age.

Advice you want to share?
Never give up!   You get better just after that last run when you think you never's the next one that cranks you up a notch.

posted 8/05


"Let's Ride!"






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