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SNOWBOARDING FOR WOMEN ­ a guide for the Betty Shred wannabe


SNOWBOARDING FOR MEN ­ a guide for guys

By Chickie Rosenberg, Level II Certified Snowboard Instructor

Reviewer: Karen Rabin,  Santa Barbara, CA, May 2005

When I first saw the books, I thought to myself: "oh no, not another "beginners snowboarding guide!"  But as soon as I started reading CHICKIE ROSENBERG'S "SNOWBOARDING FOR WOMEN ­ a guide for the Betty Shred wannabe" and her newer book "SNOWBOARDING FOR MEN ­ a guide for guys"  ­ I knew these were  going to be fun.  They didn't let me down.

Chickie is hugely qualified to write a book for beginners about snowboarding. She is a Level II certified snowboard instructor, and has been teaching snowboarding since 1990 in Killington, VT.  She has taught many people to snowboard, she leads snowboard clinics, and she also writes for and contributes to various snowboard publications. This experience shows in her lively, informative and funny books written for the beginning snowboarder.

For the "BETTY SHRED WANNABE'S" ­ Chickie covers the topic of shopping for clothing and equipment in such detail that for the beginner, itıs worth the cost of the book just to read this chapter. It really covers every aspect of what you will need out there to be comfortable, and not get cold ­ which as the author points out if IMPERATIVE if you are to have fun.

She also covers the topic of FEAR ­ in both volumes, she discusses what many beginners fear the most (injury, riding the lifts, whatever it is) and she talks about how to not just overcome the fear, but HOW TO AVOID DOING WHAT YOU ARE AFRAID OF DOING.  She manages to talk about the topic in her typical funny and straightforward style, and even I learned a thing or two about safety. I recommend everyone read this part (even more experienced shredders).

The books are very similar in content, although the book for "Betty's" deals a little more thoroughly with shopping, style, and typical fear that many women who many not have always been athletic might have about starting a new sport.  The "guys" book has a section on Park and Pipe that wasnıt in the earlier Œgirls guideı, but other than that, they have a lot of the same information.

If you have the time and the bucks, it doesnıt hurt to read both ­ although itıs not strictly necessary to get a lot out of what Chickie has to offer the beginner.

These books are not intended to replace lessons with a qualified snowboard instructor, as a matter of fact, Chickie points out that trying to figure it out yourself, or learning from friends as you try to keep up with them is NOT the way to learn to snowboard. The books are meant to augment your time spent learning the basics in lessons.

Donıt read these books if youıre looking for pointers on doing any fancy shmancy jibbin', but if you are just getting started ­ READING THIS BOOK IS THE FIRST THING YOU SHOULD DO ONCE YOU COMMIT.

I wish I had read these books when I was getting started.  They are an invaluable guide to prepare you for the excitement of learning to shred.

In the book, Chickie describes snowboarding like this:  Snowboarding is all about fun: "the enjoyment of a sport which gives you a sense of liberation and escape. Itıs a social activity which you can enjoy with your friends.  It brings you outdoors, provides a personal challenge, and gives in return for the effort, a feeling of excitement and a refreshing break with the everyday routine."

If youıre just getting started snowboarding,  if you are just thinking about it ­ or if you know someone who you think might want to give it a try ­ and you donıt want to just get out there and figure it all out the hard way --  get these books, read 'em and pass 'em on.

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"Let's Ride!"






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